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Professional Agility

Having made its mark in the real estate industry for the last 17 years, Louw & Coetzee Properties have learnt the art of agility.

Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily, but also to understand quickly.

What does agility mean for a real estate company? 

The South African and international real estate industries have changed significantly over the past two decades, especially in the Western Cape.

What is the famous saying "a change is as good as a holiday"? ...but political, economic and social changes can sometimes be less inviting than an actual holiday would be.

Having the ability to adapt to change in socio-economic needs, is an important characteristic for any business.

Thus, Louw & Coetzee Properties have learnt that adaption, thinking and acting quickly, is an important business strength.

Agility can include opening doors to new ways of thinking, new and different business approaches, and opening the door to social media and other online marketing platforms.

We pride ourselves in being professionally agile and have therefore brainstormed new ways of real estate marketing, taking as priority, the needs of our sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

The facelift of our corporate identity is a key feature to this ability of being agile, and we thrive on change.

With the facelift comes new adventures, including stepping into the social media marketing framework. Lots of research has gone into updating, formulating and producing a marketing approach that will satisfy our broad client base, including the younger starter uppers and the empty nesters.

Having had no major corporate identity changes for the last few years, the proof is now finally in the pudding: Louw & Coetzee Properties has launched its new website on Friday, 4th of May - meaning it will offer newer ways of searching, marketing and sales for its real estate clients.

We are excited to share this with our clients, ensuring we remain professionally agile.

Here's to 17 more years of agility.





Author: Alet van Zyl

Submitted 07 May 18 / Views 1556